This Policy Brief presents an updated overview of the European Portfolio on Energy and highlights EU ODA flows in the context of SDG 7. It identifies areas of potential improvement in monitoring and matching flows to address the multiple dimensions of SDG 7 and reach its targets by 2030.

A multitude of organisations and stakeholders are engaged in efforts towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A significant portion of these efforts is grounded in Official Development Assistance (ODA) provided by national governments and their associated international development agencies. However, tracking of ODA commitments and their impact is still quite limited. This paper updates measurements and assessments of EU commitments towards the multiple dimensions of SDG 7 on energy, using the OECD Development Assistance Committee Creditor Reporting System (DAC CRS).

The Policy Brief finds that the EU continues to be the largest donor of energy ODA, and support is continuing to increase. Total worldwide commitments, however, appear largely insufficient to achieve the estimated investment needs required to address the three facets of SDG7 by 2030. Furthermore, additional data collection and analysis is also required to measure the effectiveness of both public and private contributions.

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